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How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Child?


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Many people are unaware that, to start an adoption process, at least three things are necessary:

Have a good family lawyer to guide you throughout the entire process. This is not too complex, but it does involve a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic requirements.

A minimum budget to cover the different expenses that must be faced (lawyer’s bill, request for documentation and certificates, and several trips to the child’s country of origin if the adoption is international). Knowing the price of adopting a minor will therefore be one of the first steps to take.

A good dose of patience, to endure with integrity a procedure that can last several years.

If you have these three prerequisites, you will be ready to consider adoption by doing a self-exam. However, before starting, you will also have to make sure that you meet the formal requirements required of you to carry out an adoption, whether national or international.

Basic requirements for adoption

Without a doubt, what most worries people who want to adopt a child is whether they will cope with the long process. Most of the time, it takes years, and the wait is not always easy. But the reality is that if you are in a good legal company and you really want to adopt, everything will be much easier. But, of course, we must not forget that it is necessary to meet some basic requirements to adopt.

Basically, they are the following:

Be over 25 years old: if it is a couple, it will be enough for one of the two to meet this requirement.
Be at least 14 years older than the adopted person.

That the parents of the child have died or have been deprived of parental authority: as is logical, the biological parents of the adoptee will have to have renounced, voluntarily or involuntarily, their right. Otherwise, we would talk about other cases, for example, foster care.

Have the certificate that authorizes you to carry out an adoption process: all people who want to adopt must undergo an examination. The details of which can be explained in depth by your lawyer specialized in family law.

Regarding homosexual couples, in Spain, they may have been adopted for several years. However, if this is your case and you want to carry out an international adoption, you should inform yourself about the possibility of doing it in your country of origin. Unfortunately, not all of the most frequently used destinations for adoption (China, Ethiopia, Russia, the Philippines, and Vietnam) allow same-sex couples to access the procedure.

What is an adoption procedure like and how much does it cost?

If we talk about total figures, there is a big difference in whether national or international adoption. So, for example, if you are going to adopt a child in Spain, you have the advantage that the procedure will be free. And, if you are going to resort to a foreign country, the total price is between 6,000 and 30,000 euros.

Given this fact, you may wonder why so many people turn to international adoption. Well, the main reasons are two:

The waiting time: it is much longer, if possible, than that required for international adoption. On average, whoever wants to adopt a child in Spain will have to wait 9 years.

The minimum age of the child: adoption in Spain is highly regulated and involves a lot of bureaucracy. Many people decide to discard it because they cannot agree to adopt children under 8 years of age. In addition, they are usually children with special needs.

Thus, international adoption stands as the most frequent option, despite its high cost.

The procedure, Step By Step

Regarding the procedure to follow, we can summarize it in the following steps:

Request the corresponding autonomous body after receiving all the necessary information about the procedure.
Undergo a psychosocial examination in the context of a preparatory course for adoption. It will be here where it will be determined if you are suitable or not to adopt.

Complete the file and send it to the country of origin. It is a somewhat complex formality for which you must receive the appropriate advice.

Get the answer from the country of origin: this is the point that generates the most frustrations for people who want to adopt. And it is that the time it takes to know the answer is very variable.

The assignment of a minor: both the competent authority in your autonomous community and yourself must accept the assignment.

Please get to know the child: It is not uncommon for you to be asked to make several trips to the country of origin. So naturally, the reason is none other than meeting the minor and getting in contact with him.

Adoption: we have finally reached the moment when both the Spanish Consulate and the Consular Civil Registry, and your autonomous community formalize the adoption. The child will now be able to leave their country of origin and travel to what will be their new home.

The procedure does not end here since, after the adoption, follow-up reports will be requested. Thus, in the country of origin, they will ensure that the minor is properly cared for.

Do not forget, in any case, that the most advisable thing is to have the services of an experienced lawyer. Without a doubt, this service will entail an additional cost, which we also want to detail for you.

What is the price of adopting a minor in legal terms?

If we focus solely on the expense of hiring a specialist lawyer, the figure will range between 700 euros and 1,300 euros.

It is clear that to determine how much the adoption of minor costs in terms of legal assistance, several factors must be considered. But these figures will be, respectively, the minimum price and the maximum that you will have to assume. The average price, for its part, stands at 900 euros.

A baby girl with her mother at an appointment with a doctor getting her immunization, vaccines, and shots.

The exceptionality: how much does the adoption of an adult cost?

Adopting an adult, both in Spain and abroad, is not common. So if you want to integrate a person over 18 years old into the family unit, the logical thing is to choose foster care.

However, sometimes it may be appropriate to resort to adoption. Above all, if you want to make certain legal rights and links effectively. One of those that most frequently comes into play is the right to receive the inheritance legitimately.

In these cases, it must be taken into account that the price of adopting an adult, about the legal assistance required, is the same. In other words, hiring an expert lawyer in Family Law will cost you the same if we compare it with the price of adopting a minor.