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How much does it cost to make a garage?

This is an in-depth review of how much it would cost to build a garage. The average cost of building a garage with medium-quality materials is € 460 / m2. The price is between € 300 / m2 and € 750 / m2, depending on the total area, the project you want to complete, the chosen materials, and the additional services you want to hire. Generally, the price can range between € 4,000 and € 28,000. It is advisable to previously define the needs that must be met to make such decisions.

Factors to calculate how much it costs to build a garage

Next, we will see what the main variables that influence the price of building a garage are:

Dimension: total area (m²)Many companies and construction professionals calculate the price based on the square meters to be built.


Generally, the more oversized the intended garage, the more expensive it will be to build. This is because larger constructions require more labor (masons, plumbers, electricians) and more materials for their execution. For example, a 20 m2 garage can cost between € 8,000 and € 11,000 with medium quality materials.

However, this situation is not always the case. In some cases, a small garage using proprietary materials will be more expensive than a larger space with inexpensive materials. Everything will depend on the complexity of the garage, the materials used, and the necessary personnel.

Integration in the home:

Building a garage separate from the house will be, as a general rule, a cheaper service than doing it in an integrated way. In addition, there are many types of the attached garages (wooden, prefabricated, recycled materials, etc.) that only require a minor job.

However, the integration of the garage in a pre-existing construction, such as underground garages, may involve the necessary intervention in certain areas of the building – the down and up the ramp for the vehicle – and in the main pillars. These types of garages will require more work time and caution to not damage the house’s structure.

Therefore, one of the variables that influence a garage’s construction price will be whether it is built as a separate annex to the home or integrated into it.

Type of project

The total cost to build A Garage will also depend on the land and finishes you want to apply. Most construction companies offer multiple project options and typically have a standard and a more luxurious option.

A standard garage can be built in as little as three and a half weeks. It has electricity, an armor that supports the roof, concrete floors, automatic door, and vinyl siding.

However, building a luxury garage can take eight weeks of work because this new construction can have space for two vehicles or even have two floors. The luxury garages have high ceilings, areas for storing objects, thermal insulation, and an entrance for cars that extends to the street.

Some features will increase the cost of building a garage, such as the electrical installation to provide artificial lighting or the installation of an automatic door and the presence of windows, extra doors, or special finishes. Some people even include a vehicle lift inside the garage, which means an average price of € 10,000. However, the details and extras incorporated into the construction will count as a plus in the base budget of the garage.

Another aspect that can make the project more expensive is obtaining a stylized design that resembles the creation of the house. For this type of construction, it is best to have the services of an architect who makes an architectural design according to the style of the home. The cost of a project for a garage for an architecture studio is usually between € 1,600 and € 2,500.



Concrete, bricks, metal, vinyl, and wood are the materials that are primarily used in the garage building, and the choice of one or the other influences the final cost. In addition, the type of door to be installed must also be taken into account. The main entrance can be opened manually, be it a lift or a traditional sliding door.

Finding a material that is resistant to the weight of vehicles and non-slip for the passage of people are details that must be paid attention to. Remember that these works should also be included in the budget of the construction company.

To create a pleasant space for placing vehicles or store objects, you can resort to electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work, impacting the budget. A garage can be built with a house or be a separate unit with a separate entrance. As mentioned above, the proximity or distance from the home will also determine differences in costs.