How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

In July 2021, building an inexpensive house like those offered by the Government in its Procrear II plan as part of its territorial and housing development policy costs close to $ 4.9 million. The typical model has 51 m² and the value of this unit costs almost $ 100,000 if the prices published by the Mortgage Bank are taken as a reference in its scheme for homes as part of the previous financing plan for Procrear self-construction.

According to the Real Estate Report, a year ago to build this type of house cost almost half, since the square meter that today is $ 94,634 for the initial module, previously had a price of $ 51,407. For their part, the Procrear II loans offer access to a lot and an amount in pesos of $ 3.5 million for construction.

What are the houses like and how can they be expanded?

In the 51 m² of the most basic unit, the unit comprises a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. To this initial structure, a bedroom and an additional bathroom can be added for a total of 16 m² for just over $ 1 million.

In case of having the will to add a third bedroom, the third extension would cost $ 670,890 to add the additional 11 m², assuming that the house is located in a suburban location of the GBA and has the provision of natural gas, running water, sewers, and electricity. The module model with the two extra extensions could reach a total area of 78 m², raising the total cost to $ 6.5 million, not counting the value of the land.

Construction aspects

To calculate these figures, it is contemplated that the execution of the work is managed by the owner through separate contracts with mon tax subcontractors of masonry, electricity, plumbing, and gas, assuming that the purchase of materials is made by the owner himself. Regarding the fees, all municipal management, rights, drawing up plans and the signature of an authorized responsible professional were estimated.

Regarding the construction, the house would have foundations made up of chained beams and reinforced concrete pilings, load-bearing walls of common brick, and a variant of roof tiles or sheet metal. The carpentry system would be the basic one, using sheets of the plate type for interior doors and reinforced sheet metal for their access, and a bent sheet frame. In the case of the windows, they would be made of sliding aluminum panels with built-in exterior grills, without roller curtains.

Added to the labor costs of the sanitary, electricity, and gas facilities, the procedures and firms authorized to provide meters and approval of the facilities by the relevant agencies were added to the calculation.

In addition, the cleaning and minimum leveling of the land, the realization of access paths, perimeter sidewalks to the initial unit that would be built, and the closing of the front of the lot by means of a blacksmith’s fence were taken into account. However, the construction of sidewalls and the rear of the land was not included in the price calculation.


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