Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Although concrete is the basis of construction pools, according to its application several types can be distinguished:

Reinforced concrete: they are built from a structure or formwork of galvanized steel or iron through which the concrete is poured from the top. It allows filling the bottom and the walls without joints so that the glass is watertight. A swimming pool of these characteristics for a home can cost from € 10,000.

Gunite concrete: in this case, the concrete is projected under pressure over a mesh of steel rods that gives shape to the structure. In this way, great resistance is achieved, in addition to allowing designs of all kinds. In the case of small pools, its price would start at about € 8,000.

Liner pools: the liner is a liner made of very resistant PVC sheets that adhere by heat to the structure of the pool. Their installation is very fast and they are very versatile since they adapt without problems to all kinds of shapes.

It is another of the factors that allow distinguishing different types of construction pools:

Elevated pools: the pool is built on the surface, usually when there is no possibility that it will be buried. One of the biggest advantages is that by not having to empty the land, costs are saved.
Inground pools: these are the most traditional pools, in which the pool is completely dug into the ground
Semi-buried pools: it is a middle ground, a part of the pool is below ground level and the rest is raised above it. They are common in uneven areas.

Labor: this section includes several aspects. On the one hand, there is the emptying of the land and preparation for the pool glass, which in the case of a 4×6 m installation and an average depth of 1.35 can cost around € 1,200. Other aspects would be the foundations and the walls, with an approximate cost of € 6,000; the coating, which could cost around € 1,600; and the auctions and installations, with an approximate cost of € 2,800.

Materials: in the case of the structure, gunite concrete is more expensive, since the degree of specialization of the operators must be high to achieve a good finish. When it comes to coatings, the liner is cheaper, especially due to the ease of installation. Taking these factors into account, the price of construction pools can vary by up to 10%

Pool shape: the most classic and most economical shape in a construction pool is the rectangular one, however, the possibility of designs today is inexhaustible. It is possible to make pools with rounded, oval, irregular shapes, etc., but more complex designs will also be more expensive to make.

Installation: inground pools are usually more expensive due to the need to empty and settle the land, to which must be added the cost of moving and treating the extracted earth and debris.

Pool start-up devices: in this aspect, a purifier, filters, chlorination systems, and accessory tools such as pool cleaners come into play. The cost will depend on the models, but only a complete purification system can cost over € 600.

Before and After Pool Build Construction Site.

Other elements: this section should include elements such as swimming pool lighting, access stairs, and possible perimeter security fences, etc. The cost will depend on each element, for example, colored led projectors cost around € 150, while a metal perimeter fence costs on average between € 12 and € 14 / linear m.

Taking these aspects into account, the price of a rectangular pool of 4×6 m made of gunite concrete would start at € 14,000, including project, licenses, and construction.

In the case of a 7×3 m L-shaped concrete pool with a depth of 1.2 to 1.7 m, the budget would start at around € 15,000.

If it is a question of smaller pools, for example, for a patio, around one with a diameter of 2.5 m and 1 m deep would cost around € 5,000.