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How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Cat?


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So you want to know How Much Does it Cost to Declaw your Cat? No worries! Here is our in-depth guide to analyzing the cost to declaw your Lovely furball.

You want to cuddle your cute little furball, but the sharp claws on their soft paws will pierce through your skin and hurt you. Indeed, you do not wish to have painful scratches throughout your body. That is why, owners use cat declawing as a method to remove their pet’s nails from their soft paws.

Usually, the cat declawing cost, on average, will come to anywhere between $300 to $2000, depending on the complexity of the process. Did you know that around 20% to 25% of pet cats get declawed in the US alone every year?  This number alone alludes to the minimized popularity and rarity of this surgical process.

Most owners are unaware of every aspect related to a proper cat declawing procedure. According to the Academy of Feline Medicine and the American Veterinary Medical Association, if declawing is not done diligently, it involves significant risks for your beloved cat.

Continue reading to find out how much the cat declawing procedure can cost you, its associated concerns, and everything else related to cat declawing.


Cat Declawing – Is It Reflective Of Its Name?

Cat declawing is a surgical procedure involving removing your cat’s sharp claws from its soft paws. In medical terms, the declaw procedure has a complicated name – onychectomy.

When you get the claws out from your beloved pet, there will be minimal scratching and shredding. Furthermore, your property will be safe from feline damage, and your peers will not risk infection.

Since scratching is an instinct of these creatures, you might have felt irritated due to an excess of it. Hence, cat declawing will relieve you of the frustration that may have tipped a negative thought like abandonment.

If you go to a standard doctor, the method will involve amputating with a guillotine clipper. Indeed, it will hurt your beloved pet, but they will be under the effect of anesthesia.

Once the process is over, the vet will stitch up their wound and bandage it. In some cases, declawing cats involve a laser surgery that heats up and vaporizes the tissue.

As you can understand by the complexity involved, these procedures will have a variable cost.




The Cat Declawing Procedure – Cost Breakdown Of The Factors That Influence It

If your little ball of fur is already three to six months old, you can opt for its cat declawing surgery. The answer to the question – how much to declaw a cat – remains subjective and differential.

So, depending on the animal hospital you take your cat to and the type of procedure you choose, the cumulative costs will range from an average of $300 to $2000 or more.

But what are the factors that influence the cost to declaw a cat?


  • The Health Visit For The Physical Exam

Before the actual procedure, you will have to visit the vet for a thorough scan of your kitty’s overall health. Furthermore, the cat’s age will also be taken into account, and there will be a diagnostic cost.

For example, a younger cat will need a basic blood chemistry panel test and a CBC. This can cost from $80 to $120. On the other hand, an older cat will require extensive tests that involve urinalysis that can easily cost somewhere between $175 to $250.

Furthermore, the cat’s medical history will also factor into the type of procedure that is ideal.


  • The Anesthesia Charges

As mentioned earlier, cat declawing is a painful process and requires sedation for its successful completion.

Here, the weight of your cat will determine the amount of anesthesia they require. Consequently, age will also be an aspect considered in this process. If you want your cat to be asleep and feel no pain, you will choose injectable anesthesia.

It is powerful and will calm the cat down but add to the overall cost of declawing a cat. Even then, injections are cheaper and range anywhere between $25 to $75.


  • The Procedure Of Declawing Cats

When you plan on getting your cat declawed, you need to brush up on your knowledge about the three main processes of it. Furthermore, along with the actual costs of these procedures, there will be extra costs for bandages and glues, which will range between $20 to $50.

So, what are the procedures for cat declawing?

  • Roscoe Clipper Method

You could consider this the cheapest method, which is simple and only costs USD 100. Here, your vet will use a sterilized clipper to clip away the bone bits from the toes. Consequently, your cat will get stitched up, and the incisions get covered.

Even so, this type of cat declawing method does involve some infection risks.

  • Disarticulation Surgery

In this method, the vet you take your cat to will use a surgical technique to declaw them. The cat’s claw bones will get removed from its core. Due to this extreme and complicated procedure, your cat’s claws will never regrow.

The average cost to declaw a cat using this procedure is $250.

  • Laser Method

As mentioned earlier, this treatment for cat declawing is a new-age surgical process that uses a unique amputation method. Also, this is one of the most expensive methods of declawing cats due to high-end laser beams being involved.

The claws/bones of your cat will get removed by the beams, which has a less painful effect. Your cat will not run a risk of post-operational bleeding either. However, the costs range anywhere between $200 to $450.


The Charges Of Taking Care Of Your Furry Friend

Just like any post-op patient, your cat will also need time to heal and recover. Indeed, removing your cat’s claws will be an emotional turmoil for you and them. However, the cost of recovery is also high when it comes to medicines and care unit access.

After declawing cats, some vets like to keep them overnight for observation.

It remains a requirement, irrespective of the cat declawing procedure you chose. Furthermore, due to this, the overall cost to declaw a cat increases significantly.

The overnight charges might exceed $1000, depending on the clinic. Along with that, your cat will need a healthy dose of painkillers and antibiotics to become healthy again. So, you will have an additional and prolonged expenditure of $50 to $60 on average.

After everything is over and your cat gets discharged, they will require an e-collar. But why do they need an e-collar?

When the cat declawing process is healing, they might chew on their paws out of curiosity or itchiness. This requirement will add another $10 to $20 to the cost.

In addition to that, it would be best to introduce a paper cat litter that reduces contamination of the wounds. And, that is an extra of $20 for a 30 lb. bag!


Choosing The Right Vet/Clinic

Nothing can influence the veterinarian selection process! It should be an individual choice that revolves around:

  • Efficiency
  • Authenticity
  • Competence
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comfortability

The free structure will differ depending on your geography and procedure type.

So, before choosing a place for cat declawing, invest in analyzing reviews. It would also be an excellent option to consider the numerous separate bills you would have to fill up post-hospitalization of your cat.


Declaw Process – To Choose Or Not To Choose?

Again, this should be a personal call based on facts, research, and of course, circumstances. Therefore, you should stop and evaluate before randomly deciding on a process just by looking at the cost of declawing a cat.

Compare the clinics, opt for several consultations, and get equipped with comprehensive knowledge.

This way, you can determine if the costs are justified or if they are overpriced. Furthermore, you should choose a procedure that showers compassion and consideration for your cat and yourself.

You do not want your lovable, furry creature to be in pain, would you? So, choose wisely, and it would be best not to compromise on the quality of treatment.


Alternatives To Declawing A Cat

There are numerous alternatives to onychectomy! Cat owners can use regular nail trims to cut their claws short, and it only costs $5. It will also keep your furniture from damage.

Or, you can use soft nail tips, which have an average cost of $10 to $40. Apart from that, you can also use a technique that uses pheromones to guide them where they can and cannot scratch.

Even then, knowing how much is it to declaw a cat can come in handy someday if you own a cat. Though, more or less, the overall cost to declaw a cat will average between $300 to $2000, depending on the clinic and treatment process employed.

An Overview of the Average Cost

Declaw procedure in the US

  • Vet Consultation = $80 to $250
  • Anesthesia Charges = $25 to $75
  • Declawing Cats = $100 to $450
  • Treatment  = $100 to $1,000

Therefore, this is how much cat owners need to pay in the US: Lowest = $305  and Highest = $1,775

Cost to Declaw your cat in the UK:

  • Vet Consultation = £60 to £240
  • Anesthesia Charges = £41
  • Declawing Cats = £200 to £800
  • Treatment = £100 to £700

Hence, the procedure will cost £401 (Lowest) or £1740 (Highest) in the UK.

The cost of cat declawing in Canada:

  • Vet Consultation = C$ 62 to C$ 292
  • Anesthesia Charges = C$50 to C$90
  • Declawing Cats = C$250 to C$800
  • Treatment = C$100 to C$800

In total, that would be C$462 (lowest) or C$1982 (highest).