Sunday, July 3, 2022

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LIGHTING – It is now possible to be tested for Covid-19 in pharmacies. But these tests will not be reimbursed by Health Insurance.

The government and health authorities are worried about the resumption of the epidemic in the summer. In addition, many French people are going on vacation, which raises fears of a mixing of the population conducive to the spread of the coronavirus. The tests are therefore expected to be generalized throughout the territory.

The cost of testing differs depending on how it is performed. Virological tests ( PCR, virus detection ) carried out in the laboratory cost 54 €. The serological tests (detection of immunity, antibodies) cost € 12.15 for ELISA and 9.45 € for a quick test. In both cases, these tests are done on prescription and reimbursed by Health Insurance.

Since July 11, pharmacies can also carry out rapid serological tests. It will cost you between € 15 and € 25, and this test is not reimbursed. It is just as reliable as a laboratory test but less precise. If it is positive, it can therefore be supplemented by a laboratory test.