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These are some tips to consider before you decide to have a child. They will soon be dads. You are probably planning the name your baby will wear, how you will organize your time to care for him, and how you will decorate your new room. But have you thought about how much money is invested on average during the baby’s first year of life? Basically, how much does it cost to have a baby?

The question may seem complicated or even radical. However, the best way to manage your family budget is by planning your expenses in advance.

The arrival of a baby completely modifies the dynamics and the family budget, for which more than ever planning is fundamental, in order to distribute the money and cover the basic needs of the home.

Before it is born, these are the essentials that should be in your home.

Car seat, $ 5,700
Tip: Look for one that will fit ages 0-3. If not, get out of the way with the one that fits a stroller, and after a year get a bigger one. Never take it in your car without a car seat.
Crib, $ 12,000 + 1,500 mattress + 2,500 sheets and duvet

Tip: don’t spend too much unless it can be converted into a bed or desk. The more expensive it is, the more difficult it will be to sell later.

Stroller, $ 800

Tip: you are going to get it in and out of the car almost daily for months, so look for a light one and don’t spend a lot: you may need to buy another one for when the child is older.
Tina, $ 900

Tip: some have a built-in diaper changer (+600) but keep in mind that it will be another piece of furniture to get rid of in a couple of years

Rebozo or scarf, $ 500

Tip: if you don’t have knots, buy one with rings or a kangaroo. It is proven that loading it with a shawl helps you sleep better and gives you more security by listening to your heart.

3 blankets, $ 1200

Tip: buy natural fibers, preferably hypoallergenic and at least one of them should be longer to last longer.
Clothes , $ 5,000

Tip: take advantage of the one they give you at your baby shower and get the most out of it.

TOTAL approx: $ 28,300