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This category includes all Dominican citizens of legal age who have been issued a Dominican passport and those who have the Ordinary Passport (blue or red) to renew the validity of the passport by changing the passport.


Dominicans who have applied for a biometric passport (black) and those who have an Ordinary Passport (blue or red) that has expired

Photo Taken In United States, Dallas


Dept. Issuance and Renewal


  • Original and legalized Birth Certificate.
  • Original Identity and Electoral Card.

You must bring the expired passport (or to expire)

  • Digital Photography (to be taken at the Passport Office). At the time the photographs are taken, citizens who for medical, religious, or cultural reasons wear some type of turban and/or headdress, must be removed in their entirety, for such purposes. They would be attended by staff of the same sex in a place that guarantees their privacy.
  • Receipt of payment of Taxes from the Reserve Bank. In this, the name must appear by the Identity and Electoral Card.

NOTE: In the case of married women, if you wish to carry your spouse’s last name in your passport, you must make adjustments to your identity card at the Central Electoral Board.

  • To collect the passport, you must present the original Identity and Electoral Card, the expired passport, and the passport delivery form that you receive at the time of finalizing your application.


You must follow the requirements presented above, except that you will present the documents via the web and that when you pick up your new passport book, you must present the previous one.

A) You must have an email available since this way, you will be sent updates and notifications about your request. You must be aware of them so that you do not lose your tax payment due to a lack of follow-up in the process.

B) You must have your identity card and birth certificate handy to provide the correct information on both sides of them.

C) All documents must be individually scanned in JPG format to be read on the screen without being modified (vertical). If your document has multiple sides, scan them into a single JPG file. Do not modify any information in it using image editors.

D) The photo must be attached to the application form in JPG format and must not be retouched in any way. In addition, they must not have earrings or glasses. Finally, the forehead and ears must be visible.

E) Payments for online services are received only with credit cards online after filling out the corresponding application form.

F) After the payment is made, it will not be reimbursed.

G) The payment is not final; it is subject to additional charges and penalties.

H) The application session expires after 20 minutes of inactivity.

I) Any false statement will be legally penalized.

J) If any discrepancy in documents arises, your web request will not be processed. In this case, you must continue your process in person.

K) This service is not available outside the Dominican Republic via the web.

L) The new passport data will be the same as your identity card and current certificate; if you wish to carry the married name, you must make the change in your identity card.

M) The DGP sends emails, it will contact you for additional information about your file, and you must respond as soon as possible to conclude your request. Your delay could result in the loss of your tax payment.

N) When picking up your document, you must present your previous passport book.


  • Normal Renewal: RD $ 1,650.00,
  • VIP: RD $ 2,650.00, both payments in Ban Reservas.
  • Digital Photo: RD $ 300.00 Both Payments at the Passport Office