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If monthly car rental is not the most common solution, it still meets specific needs. Among rental companies, from a certain time, we begin to consider this as a long-term rental. However, this offers advantages over traditional leasing.

Let’s look at the question and find out who rents cars by the month, how much it costs and if this solution is really advantageous.

Why rent a car by the month?

Renting a car for the month allows you to benefit from a certain period to meet a specific need. For example, as an individual, if you no longer have a car and you are waiting for your new model to be ordered, renting a car for a month allows you to move around freely and without constraint without having to depend on outside help.

For a professional traveling anywhere in the US, monthly rental is also a solution that offers greater freedom, especially since it fits perfectly with the company’s costs.

Can monthly car rental last for several months?

Yes, of course, rental companies offer you to rent a vehicle for the duration of your choice (within a certain limit). You can thus opt for the car rental for 2 months, 3 months, for 6 months even.

On the reservation site of some international rental companies, the online reservation is no longer possible after a certain period. Instead, you must contact customer service. At Hertz, this is the case for a car rental of 3 months or more.

Why prefer renting from a lessor to leasing?

Today, more and more drivers do not want to own their vehicles. As a result, they are moving towards car rental, which offers certain advantages: insurance included (with high limits and deductibles, however, unless you opt for the franchise buyout from SereniTrip), maintenance included, centralized administrative management for professionals, etc.

????Some opt for car rental for 6 months with an agency; others choose to lease. But what is leasing?

The LOA, rental with the option to purchase, consists of renting a vehicle and becoming the owner at the end of the contract. LLD, long-term rental, this time consists of renting a car without ever becoming the owner.

The problem with leasing lies in its duration. Car rental for 3 months or 6 months is not possible. The contract is at least one year and can last up to 60 months. This represents a commitment that does not necessarily correspond to the expectations of motorists. On the other hand, with this long-term commitment, it is clear that leasing is a cheap solution for an identical service.

Who are the players who rent cars every month?

All professional rental companies rent cars every month. Even if it is more common to rent by the day or by the week, the medium-term rental is also the heart of their profession. Therefore, you can perfectly opt for monthly vehicle rental from Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Sixt, or Enterprise.

But that’s not all. New players in car rental are gradually starting to establish themselves: supermarkets. Also, monthly car rental at Leclerc or Super U is possible. Please note, Leclerc does not rent for more than 30 consecutive days. As for Super U, you must contact the agency to know the rental terms beyond 30 days.

Another solution: car rental between individuals. Admittedly, this time the situation is different. They do not have a fleet of vehicles and cannot offer long-term rental since they use their car themselves. At Getaround, for example, it is possible to rent a car for 1 month, but not more. You are then free to renew the rental with another vehicle or contact the owner to find out if his car will be available again afterward. However, this is not the primary purpose of this site. Here, we offer cars for rent for one hour, two hours, half a day. It is an alternative offer to that of professionals who do not rent for less than 24 hours.

Should you take unlimited mileage for a monthly rental?

As a reminder, when you rent a vehicle, two solutions are offered: unlimited mileage or a package of kilometers included. Very often, when we talk about monthly car rental, or even for 2, 3, or 6 months, the mileage is unlimited.

There are still exceptions. At Sixt, for example, in France, there is no such option. All rentals include a mileage package which will change depending on the rental period. For a 3-month car rental, you have a package of 132 km per day.

For a monthly vehicle rental with Leclerc, it’s still different. This large surface offers a rental without any kilometer included. We must therefore calculate the price per kilometer and multiply it by the distance traveled. Unless you have a real routine, it’s hard to say how many kilometers you will cover in 1 month.

Hertz’s monthly car rental is easier to manage. Mileage is always included.

Do not hesitate to make a comparison to be sure not to have to pay additional kilometers, an additional cost that strongly impacts the total amount of your invoice.