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Painting a car is not cheap, but the budget will be very different if we do it in one place or another, depending on the finish we choose and according to our vehicle’s size. But how much is it going to cost us, more or less?

The paint of the car is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of its aesthetics. When we have some kind of friction, we will have to go through the paint shop, probably, but only to do some ‘touch-ups.’ However, if the wear has been severe, or if we want to change the color, then the car will have to be painted completely. And the cost is not the same.

Suppose we are thinking of painting the car. In that case, we must know that the price will depend, and a lot, depending on the type of paint we choose for the body of our vehicle. In this autonomous community, we will carry the process, the color, and the durability of herself. So now, there are a series of reference prices that we can take into account.

How much does it cost to paint a car in Spain? It depends on some factors:

The painting of the car is not painting, period. Before applying it, the bodywork must be treated. A complex process must be carried out during its application to prevent dust particles from being ‘installed’ on the surface, for example. For this reason, the painter will dress especially, and it will have to be done in facilities that prevent the entry of small particles. That is why it takes some time, and the price is not low at all.

In any case, as a reference, we should know that painting the complete bodywork of our car can cost us up to a maximum of 2,000 euros, approximately, in a medium-size vehicle and the most expensive autonomous community. However, an intermediate price would be around 1,200 euros in Madrid, for example, while it will cost us less than 800 euros in other parts of Spain.

On what depends the price of painting a car completely.
As we mentioned at the beginning, it depends on the type of paint and the color. It will not be the same price if we choose metallic paint, for example, if we opt for a matte finish or, of course, if our chosen option is a liquid vinyl. There are many options and, from this, durability is also an important factor that directly affects the price.

Nor will it cost us the same if our car is a utility vehicle than if we are talking about a C SUV. The larger the body of the vehicle, the price of painting the car will be higher for the simple reason that the time spent will be higher and, on the other hand, that the amount of paint will also be higher. Also, if our car is extensive, they may not paint it in any workshop.

It is not the same to paint an entire car as a simple repair:

If we only repair our vehicle, and we do not need to paint the entire car, the price will be much lower. There are costly pieces, such as the hood or the roof, which will lead us to an outlay of around 250 euros if we opt for metallic paints; however, solid paints are cheaper, and pearl paint will cost us the most.

As a reference, for the entire body, the difference between a pearl paint – more expensive – and a metallic one can be approximately 300 euros, and opting for a solid finish will save us around 100 euros. And this, as we were advancing, is just the difference between one paint finish and another, while the rest of the factors will make the final budget for painting the car vary even more.

Do not go to paint your car in any workshop, only in specialized sites:

Certain types of repairs for our vehicle are not too complicated, but painting the car is a fairly complex process. Therefore, the best thing we can recommend is that you always go to specialized painting workshops. Of course, that will give you a slightly more expensive budget, but that will guarantee that the finish is perfect and the durability of the paint is maximum.

During the process, you will have to paint and remove parts from the vehicle, sand the body, apply a coat of primer, and then apply multiple layers of paint. In addition, on the car paint, which has already been applied to the body, it will be necessary to apply a final coat of varnish, or lacquer, to protect the body and make the painting perfect for longer and against any danger to which be exposed.

If what we were thinking of doing is painting our car ourselves, bad idea. Unless we opt for a solution that has become fashionable in recent years, which is vinyl, and in this sense, there are two formats in which we can find it, and with a very different form of application.

Vinyl the car as an alternative to painting the body and all its parts
The vinyl is a good idea because, in reality, it is plastic and paint applied to the vehicle. It is easier to apply, and it is much cheaper than paint and. In addition, it will allow us to change color relatively easily and leaving the original underneath. On the other hand, this means that we will be protecting the original paint while we are using the vinyl.