Sunday, July 3, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?


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If you want to change the roof of your house and have an idea of ​​its cost, we interview Mr. Ramiro Díaz, a specialist in the subject, who will give us an idea of ​​the costs.

What do you take into account to quote a roof on a house?

Revised structure, cost of materials, labor, equipment necessary for work at a maximum of 2 stories high, transportation of materials, garbage disposal, etc.

Do you have a rough estimate of what it costs per square meter?

These are prices in colones per square meter:

  • Enamel 26: ¢ 17,190 per square meter
  • Galvanized Iron: 26 ¢ 13,370 per square meter
  • Galvanized Iron 28: ¢ 11,000 per square meter
  • Tile removal and reinstallation: ¢ 5,000 per square meter
  • This price that is being calculated per square meter is for a roof to 2 glasses of water, for the rest of the variables you have to go to the place to review and adjust the price.

Variables: limestones, valleys, internal or external canoes, downspouts, wall flashing, pressure flashing, wood changing in poor condition, trusses in poor condition.

How much percentage are materials and how much labor?

  • 50% Materials
  • 50% Labor, administration, supervision

Is it more expensive if the roof of the house has a lot of inclination?

Yes, it would be best if you had special equipment and more people.

Do you need a quote?

Contact with a professional with 30 years of powerful experience in changing roofs in Costa Rica. Complete the information on this form, and we will be contacting you for a free quote and advice.