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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield?


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The windshield of a car is constantly subjected to forces that try to break it: a force of air and wind blows from foreign objects.

Many of the blows to the windshield cause small breaks in the exterior glass and sometimes compromise the overall integrity of the windshield, which necessitates its total replacement.

Replacing a windshield takes between 1 and 2 hours, with a fairly high cost reaching around $ 400 for an original windshield while a lower quality windshield will cost around $ 200, while a minor pit repair costs about 20 dollars and the cost goes up if they are lines or portholes-stars, up to about 40 dollars ($ 20 ~ $ 40).

Obviously, it is advisable to replace the broken windshield with an original one, as it assures us that it will not cause serious damage to passengers in the event of a collision.

The original windshield is made of tempered glass with a POLYCARBONATE PROTECTIVE SHEET so that in the event of a crash, large pieces of glass do not come off that could injure and even kill passengers.

Tempered glass is understood as a type of glass-reinforced and toughened by thermal processes during its manufacture. The windshield is also given a convex arc shape – with outward projection, increasing its resistance to the thrust of the outside wind when driving at high speeds.

In addition, the original windshields have a tinted upper band with protection for the eyes of the front passengers, something that many lower-cost windshields do not have.

The drawing below shows the structure of a laminated windshield. You can see two layers of tempered and arc-shaped glass separated by a transparent polycarbonate sheet whose function is that of safety.

More elaborate windshields have films of protection against UVA and UVB radiation that cover the entire windshield, radiation that is harmful to the eyes, and filtering films against heat.

These heat filter sheets block the entry of excessive solar heat to the interior of the car, providing greater comfort to the car’s passengers and achieving a reduction in fuel consumption due to the use of conditioned air.

When is a windshield repairable?
When objects hitting the windshield damage only the outer glass layer, such as small stones jumping from other vehicles, breaking only the outer layer, the possibility of repairing a windshield is very high.

Objects hitting the windshield can cause various kinds of windshield glass breakage:

Pitting. Pitting in the windshield affects a well-defined area and is a small hole of 1 to 2 mm in diameter with a depth of less than 1 mm. This type of breakage does not immediately compromise the windshield’s integrity and is easily repeatable.

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Lines of a few millimeters to several centimeters.- the lines do compromise the integrity of the windshield, so it is urgent to repair it as soon as possible since the vibration increases the length and breaks the entire windshield.

Portholes are breaks in the two layers of glass in the windshield, presenting a sinking of the windshield in a circular way towards the interior. It is repairable when it is about 2 centimeters or less. This repair restores 100% windshield structure and almost 100% visibility.

Stars.- They are breaks that come out radially from the center of impact and are also repairable when about 2 to 3 centimeters.

Total breakage.- When the impact zone is very extensive, the windshield should be changed without a doubt.