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One of the most current options to give our car a different image is vinyl. Especially if your budget is limited and you are looking for a personalized and quality finish. Putting vinyl on a car in Mexico, as in many parts of the world, has become a trend that comes to replace paint, which on many occasions can leave our portfolio in serious trouble due to its high cost.

If you’ve never heard of vinyl in cars, it is a kind of “stickers” that cover the car either in parts or 100%. It is an ideal alternative if we are looking for something different, such as a matte finish for example.


To give you an idea of ​​how much this finish costs, a medium-size car is lined for approximately 4,500 pesos. The process takes around two days and the price usually includes labor.

Now, if we compare it with what it currently costs to paint a car, it will already depend on what we are looking for. If, for example, we want a cat’s hand above, the price ranges from $ 10,000 to 12.00o pesos. If you want to make a color change to a car in poor condition, the price can go up to 50,000 pesos. This is not to mention that it is not the same to paint a Golf as a Land Rover, the size influences a lot.

With these figures, we can realize that putting vinyl on a car in Mexico is much cheaper than painting. But yes, one of the great disadvantages of this technique is that the car cannot have bumps or imperfections, because they would be noticed immediately. This is because this material takes the shape of the blow when placed on top.


In addition to the price, vinyl has several advantages for those who dare to try it, among them we can mention:

  • Personalization. With vinyl there are no limits, any design you can think of can be printed on a plotter, and then placed on your car. In addition, only some details can be printed, without the need to cover the car completely.
  • It is a quality finish. If you have questions about how durable vinyl can be, we have good news for you! Good vinyl can last 5-10 years, an acceptable time considering that many car paints scratch just by looking at them.
  • If it is damaged it is cheaper to repair. If your car receives a blow, the damage is very similar to when it has paint, the big difference is that to repair it is easier and cheaper. The reason is that the vinyl can be wrinkled or cut, but with heat it is practically invisible. If it does not finish solving, it is enough to change only the damaged area and that’s it!
  • Simple maintenance. When you put vinyl on the car you only need to wash it normally, as if it had ordinary paint. If over time it loses its shine, you can also wax it in the same way as you would with paint.
  • Keep the painting intact. If for some reason we want to return to the original paint, the vinyl can be perfectly removed without damaging it. Even if we get bored and want to remove it ourselves, it is possible without leaving life on it. To remove it you can use soap and a hair dryer, without having to be an expert on the subject.


Vinyl can also be placed indoors, however it should be placed in smooth areas. Otherwise, it would be necessary to apply a layer of primer or adherent product that would damage the surface when it was removed.

Now that you know the advantages of putting vinyl on a car, we can tell you that currently, you can find endless establishments in Mexico that offer this service, and it is not only for cars, even if you have a motorcycle this technique can also be applied. Are you already convinced?